Website Maintenance

A crucial and often overlooked component to any website. Our website maintenance plan covers four key areas: basic updates, security, email, and monitoring. Continue reading to find out why maintenance plans make sense!

Website Maintenance
Entry - Monthly

  • 1x Update: Images & Text
  • 1x Security: Malware Removal
  • 1x Email: Troubleshooting
  • 1x Monitoring: Downtime
  • 24hr Response: Guaranteed
  • Monthly
monthly or $540 USD yearly

Website Maintenance

  • 4x Update: Images & Text
  • 4x Security: Malware Removal
  • 4x Email: Troubleshooting
  • 4x Monitoring: Downtime
  • 12hr Response: Guaranteed
  • Monthly
monthly or $1,620 yearly

Enterprise Hardware

Hosted in world-class data centers, every server comes with redundant power supplies and enterprise hardware. Customer service is always handled by industry professionals in North America.

Customer Service

We believe in the human touch and strive to provide bespoke servers to meet your specific needs. Everything you see here is 100% customizable!

Worldwide Network

DedicatedHosting owns and manages hundreds of servers in datacenters worldwide with access to premium networking and routing required for production websites.

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